WFD Youth Camp

The World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS) is focused on improving the human rights of deaf children and youth across the world. The WFDYS was established in Vienna, Austria in 1995 and is a section of the World Federation of the Deaf.

The WFDYS responsibilities involve WFD Children Camps for age 10 to 12, WFD Junior Youth Camps for age 13 to 17 and WFD Youth Camps for age 18 to 30.

All of these camps are hosted every four years. The objectives of the camps are to provide leadership training for deaf youth, support for youth organizations and advocacy, networking, and cultural exchange. It is all about leadership, educating on human rights to strive for equality, and the celebration of our linguistic and cultural identity.

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The next Youth Camp (for age 18 to 30) will be held from 14 to 20 July 2019 near Paris, at the CREPS Ile-de-France.

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Organising Committee:

  • Jennifer Marcus, Chair
  • Laure Abdelmoumeni, Programme
  • Stephanie Braure, Programme
  • Simon Oliel,  Media
  • Marie Bresson: Finances
  • Alexandre Paul: membre de JSF (Jeunes Sourds de France)

The 1st announcement will be available on November 5, 2017