The World Federation of the Deaf – WFD

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) was established in 1951 during the first World Congress in Rome, Italy. The WFD is an international non-governmental organisation in official liaison with ECOSOC, UNESCO, ILO, WHO and the Council of Europe.

The WFD today continues to be an ever-expanding umbrella organisation providing a wide range of support and advocacy services for 134 national associations of the deaf. The mission of the WFD is to promote the Human Rights of Deaf people and full, quality and equal access to all spheres of life, including self-determination, sign language, education, employment and community life. 

The World Congresses of the WFD are designed to bring together delegates from member national associations, youth organisations and other participants who seek to partake in global exchange of information and furtherance of the WFD vision, mission and goals.

The XVIII World Congress will take place in Paris from 23 to 27 July 2019 at the Palais des Congrès (Porte Maillot). 

The WFD will organize its General Assemblies (General Assembly and General Assembly of the Youth Section) over 3 days, from 20 to 22 July 2019 in Paris.

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French National Federation of the Deaf - FNSF 

The French National Federation of the Deaf (FNSF) was originally created as a group of Deaf associations in France in 1893. It was recognized as being of public utility by decree on 24 September 1982.

The FNSF is a non-profit association of 1901, and defends the rights of all deaf people without any exception. It is present in the metropolitan and overseas regions, through close to 100 member associations and more than 5,000 federated members. The FNSF defends the Rights of Deaf people and their natural language: the French Sign Language (LSF). This allows Deaf people to have access to knowledge, social inclusion and therefore citizenship throughout the territory of the French Republic. 

The FNSF is active nationally and internationally. The FNSF has always been a member of the European Union of the Deaf and the World Federation of the Deaf.

The FNSF organizes a National Congress every two years. These congresses bring together the various representative parts of the Deaf Community (deaf people, parents of deaf children, professionals, etc.) in order to disseminate information on selected themes, to develop a strategy and a vision in order to reach the objectives of the FNSF. The latter are mentioned in the Charter of the Rights of the Deaf, ratified in 1998 and in the White Paper of access to citizenship established in 2003.

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Organising Committee of the World Congress :

  • Sabine SALHA, Communication & promotion
  • Audrey SANGLA, Logistics
  • Philippe BERTHE, Logistics
  • Emmanuel JACQ, Finances & Fund Raising
  • Stéphane AMOSSE, Scientific Programme
  • Anthony GUYON, Cultural and Social Programme