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Speech therapy of a child with hearing loss is a long process. It requires the involvement of both specialists wfdys, the child and his parents. The main objective is the linguistic (or alternative) communication of the hearing impaired.

Why go to a speech therapist with a child who is hard of hearing?
It is very important to properly pick up signals that indicate that our child may have hearing problems. In children up to the age of five, a characteristic symptom may be a lack of chatter and a lack of response to loud sounds. In this case, the child does not move, does not blink his eyes and does not wake up under the influence of noise. Older children may experience an inability to hear what is being said to them, frequent requests to repeat the questions and lack of answers to them.

A child with hearing loss also has limited vocabulary and cannot hear quiet sounds, such as whispering. Hearing loss in a child wfdys is also associated with problems with concentration. The child can also speak indistinctly, because he learns by repeating words. If he can’t hear them clearly, he can’t reproduce them exactly. Such symptoms should prompt parents to contact a speech therapist.

What does speech therapy look like for children with hearing loss?
In case of deaf children, it is necessary to start speech therapy. Under the eye of a speech therapist, the child develops his language skills and corrects sounds that are distorted. Speech therapist teaches the child to understand words, sentences and expressions. It helps children of school age to develop their reading and writing skills. Speech therapy is best to start at an early stage in the life of the child.

At the Institute of the deaf and dumb, the child receives the help of a speech therapist during the therapy of early child development. Speech therapy classes are also an important part of working with a child who is hard of hearing at every stage of school. Parents also play an important role in learning how to communicate. A speech therapist provides information and advice on working with a hearing impaired child. Thanks to this, the child learns faster and gets rid of speech disorders. In addition to shaping speech, the speech therapist also gives the child a sense of value, self-confidence and acceptance.

Choosing a career path is an important decision in every person’s life. If we also have to deal with the limitations caused by wfdys hearing loss, then the choice turns out to be all the more difficult. What factors should we consider when choosing a profession?

General predispositions wfdys

Deaf and hard of hearing people should be guided both by their interests and by their general health when choosing a career path. People with hearing impairments have a choice of all high schools, technical schools, vocational schools (trade) both mass and those aimed at the deaf and hard of hearing. It is worth remembering that the choice of primary vocational or vocational school is limited by health contraindications. It takes into account not only the hearing impairment or the level of language ability, but also any other deviations that could impede the performance of a given profession.

Deaf and choosing a wfdys profession

In shaping their careers, deaf people should pay attention to how they can use their abilities and Wfdys camp predispositions in professions that do not require the use of hearing. The profession should also take into account any limitations associated with hearing impairment. It is worth taking care of you, so that the chosen profession does not threaten other unharmed senses of the deaf. It should also not be associated with a long stay in a room with more pollination.

Also contraindicated are those works that require a response to sounds, as well as constant and systematic communication with articulatory speech. In addition, working near moving machinery and working wfdys at a height are particularly dangerous for the deaf, who also have balance problems. In contrast, for the deaf suffering from tinnitus is not recommended to work in the noise.

Choosing a school with Wfdys camp

The choice of schools is huge, but it should be noted that in the educational centers for deaf people, both deaf and hard of hearing youth are provided with adequate facilities for learning. It consists of properly adapted equipment, a group of specialists who conduct classes and the opportunity to develop their passions, numerous trips to cinemas and museums, as well as participation in various projects and Olympiads. This gives you the chance to develop more fully and gain the confidence that is so necessary in adult life.