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If all the senses of the child function properly and interact with each other, its development proceeds correctly. However, if we are dealing with an abnormal organization by the brain of stimuli coming through the receptors, then our consolation will have problems with sensory integration. It can manifest itself Commission 6 conference pleniere, among other things, in difficulties with learning, reading, or writing, as well as difficulty concentrating or maintaining attention.

In our entry you will read what are the first symptoms of this type of disorder.

Sensory integration disorders are associated with individual senses.

Some children with sensory integration disorders will clearly avoid touching or being touched. They may be disturbed by certain textures of clothing or food Commission 6 conference pleniere, and they will not like, for example, spontaneous cuddling.

Vestibular System
If the cause of the disorder is an incorrect operation of the vestibular system, then the children will either clearly avoid movement, or vice versa. They will swing unnaturally long on the swings, will be constantly in motion, and also will not feel fear of even dangerous movement in space, not realizing the dangers.

Proprioceptive System: Commission 6 conference pleniere
Another group of disorders in sensory integration are disorders from the area of proprioceptive system dysfunction. Children will then either be excessively stiff and uncoordinated, or they will strive for increased physical activity, including interaction with the other person.

Sensory integration disorders also affect visual problems. Then children can be overexcited if too many elements appear in their field of vision or even avoid eye contact. It should worry us if our consolation reacts excessively to bright light and prefers to be in the twilight.

Let’s also take a closer look at the child’s behavior, if in response to strong auditory stimuli he covers his ears Commission 6 conference pleniere, is frightened, complains of noise.